If you’re interested in learning about and building a barndominium in Oklahoma or Texas, then you’re in the right place.

A barndo, as it’s called for short, is a type of pole barn, or home barn as we like to say. Of all the people in the Tulsa area claiming to be experts, we certainly have the most experience in perfecting buildings and homes made from metal, which is how we create the shell of the unique, livable pole barns.

Let’s get started…

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Oklahoma?

When it comes to the cost of building a barndominium in Oklahoma, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this. The cost varies depending on size and several other factors. First off, the cost is calculated in cost-per-square-foot.

Some of the most important variables for us pole barn builders to consider are:

  • Location of your barndominium, whether it’s in Oklahoma City or the outskirts of Tulsa, the cost will vary
  • Materials used in building the barndominium
  • Features you need in your barndominium
  • Barn builders, you work with
  • Floor plans, which depends on your needs and wants

If you want to equip your barndominium with features like custom-made cabinets, countertops, and other interior design elements, the cost will go even higher.

The cost starts as low as $40 per square feet and might go as big as $120 per square feet. However, this is just a rough estimate, and the final cost could be more than this.

Who builds Barndominiums in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is famous for having the most beautiful and fascinating barndominiums across the region. That’s why you can find several barn builders in Oklahoma and Texas. There are numerous family-owned barn building companies, but you need to find the right one with the right experience for your new barndominium construction.

If you’re looking to find an Oklahoma barndominium building specialist, then one of your choices would be Wolf Barns & Supply. Regardless of the type of barndominium you want to build, work with Wolf Barns & Supply to build just the right barndominium for you.

How much is a small Barndominium?

Depending on the location, materials used, and the features you want in your small barndominium, the cost will vary. You’ll need to buy barndominium kits. The price of different kinds of kits is different. If you choose steel kits, then the cost would be the following per-square-foot:

  • For materials: $10-$14
  • For concrete: $4-6
  • For erection: $8-$12
  • For finishing work: $40-$100

While if you want to build a wooden barndominium, then the cost would be the following per-square-foot:

  • For materials: $14-$18
  • For concrete: $4-6
  • For erection: $8-$12
  • For finishing work: $40-$100

The cost VS building a home in Oklahoma?

Undertaking an Oklahoma barndominium project is much more affordable than a modular or traditional home. Just like the cost of building an Oklahoma barndominium depends on various factors, the cost of building a home in Oklahoma also depends on factors like the size of the house, materials used, design of the house, and few others.

To give you an estimate, building a 2,000 square foot home costs around $150 per-square-foot. However, the cost can go down or up depending on the features you add to your house.

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