Average Cost to Build a Barndominium in Missouri

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Building your own house may be a thrilling and rewarding experience. Who hasn’t fantasized about creating their own custom home? If this concerns you, building a barndominium in Missouri might be the solution. Barndominiums are reasonably affordable, one-of-a-kind, and extremely personal to the owner. On the other hand, creating custom plans for your house might be scary. That is why we have created this barndominium cost guide to assist you in building a barndominium in Missouri.

Missourians adore pole barns, and our region offers a perfect method, budget, and location for customized metal pole barn building. Missouri’s good climate and ample acreage make it a perfect choice for building a cattle barn, an outdoor equipment storage facility, or a custom barndominium in Missouri.


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What Is The Average Cost To Build A Barndominium?

A standard and traditional house in Missouri costs around $260 per square foot to build. However, this is the bare minimum for a traditional home, and many people’s homes wind up being far more expensive. This pricing also does not include furniture or countertops. If you want these features for your dream barndominium project, you’ll need to budget for them, which may rapidly add up.

The average price for building a barndominium in Missouri for 2,000 per square foot is between $60 and $160. Barndominiums construction are priced according to size, materials and interior finishes. Barndominium kit pricing is $20-35 per square foot of materials. However, barndominium kits would still vary according to the Missouri barndominium floor plan prices are non-inclusive of land. Barndominiums or metal buildings are also called barndos. They are metal structures with metal siding and flexible living areas that do not require heavy interior walls. On the other hand, barndominium prices would also vary if you already have an existing barndominium that needs modifications or upgrades.


Barndominium Financing Request

Prospective homeowners are drawn to the rustic charm and contemporary comforts of barndominium living spaces, a rising trend. Securing funding is crucial for those embarking on building a barndominium in Missouri.

Financial Planning: An entire barndominium build entails costs like land purchase, construction materials, site preparation, utilities, and potential customizations. As you embark on this venture, assess your financial needs and explore financing options aligned with your budget and goals.

Financing Request: Create a concise financing request to bring your barndominium plan to life. Detail your project specifics, including location, size, and scope. Clearly outline your financial situation and get financial assistance, specifying the loan amount for construction—from the barndominium kit to site preparation and finishing touches.

Credit and Collateral: Demonstrate your creditworthiness by attaching relevant financial documents, including your credit report and score. Provide property details and remain open to discussing collateral requirements for your barndominium plans that may be necessary for loan security.


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If you want to have a smooth barndominium construction, it is essential to consult with barndominium general contractors and the best barndominium builder with a proven track record to ensure that your barndominium floor plans will surely become a dream come true. Trusting professional barndominium builders from Wolf Barns & Supply is just a starting point a barndominium with a concrete slab foundation and high-quality post frame building to avoid potential troubles.

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Our trained artisans will see that your job is done to your satisfaction. To discuss your pole barn building needs in Missouri, call Wolf Barns & Supply at (800) 519-9653 immediately.


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