The barndominium has become a popular trend, especially for farmers in rural communities. This metal roof house style serves as a practical solution that distinguishes a barn from a house. It’s a maintenance-free home that serves as an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional home.

Curious about the barndo living spaces? This article will give you a walkthrough of the barndominium construction, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of building and owning one.

Barndominium pros

What Is a Barndominium?

Barndominium, or “barndo,” refers to an open-concept steel and metal building converted into a living space. Its basic structure and interior design range from an open space to a large, luxurious complex, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

The space usually includes the same concept of electrical wiring and plumbing. Moreover, stone and wooden columns, tongue and groove walls, stained concrete floors, a fiberglass door, and an oversized garage door are added for decorative or structural purposes. Unlike an ordinary pole barn, these will contain energy efficient windows and a metal or steel roof.


Pros of Barndominiums

Many people choose barndominiums instead of conventional homes. Here’s a glimpse of the advantages of building a unit as experienced by the owners.

Versatile Design

Barndominiums are undoubtedly super flexible due to their adaptable and spacious design. Most barndo contractors use an open plan that can be modified easily based on your liking.

Dual Purpose Solution

Most barndominiums provide dual-use solutions to users. You can create home offices without sacrificing other areas. Self-employed and business owners may also take advantage of the large spaces for their custom cabinets and storage.

Energy Efficiency Feature

Manufacturers use environmentally-friendly materials and the highest quality insulation material to ensure savings in consumption. This will somehow compensate for the initial cost of building an average barndo.

Durable Material

Steel is the most common material used in making the entire building. Its durable and highly resistant metal frame can withstand impact and damage. Unlike wooden buildings, you are guaranteed that it’s in perfect living condition for years.

Easy Construction

Unlike a traditional house which takes several months to finish, most barndo models allow you to move in within three weeks. These easy-to-build metal structures are usually assembled off-site and require only a little work on the finishing and interiors.

Customizable Interiors

While the exterior elements are fixed, its interiors allow any material to be used for finishing. Barndominium builders may choose from the simplest to the most luxuriously designed furniture, depending on your style.

Room for Expansion

The entire project is readily available for expansion when needed. Add walls to the metal frames, and you can already have extra storage, an attached double garage, or more rooms.

Living in a barndominium

Cons of Barndominiums

Just like any other structure, barndominiums tend to have their disadvantages. Here are some aspects that must be given attention for this construction project.

High Start-Up Costs

Although the construction costs to build a barndominium are less than the cost of a conventional home, its initial investment can be more expensive, especially if you hire contractors. Cost savings can be achieved by reducing the cost of labor and the amount of finishing materials used.

Rural Living

Steel barndominium is popular in rural areas due to the more relaxed regulations in these communities. Aside from the space and the truly open floor plan, consider the travel costs and distance with your family and friends.

Maintenance Problems

New barndominium owners must realize that living outside the city is different in a community of modern houses; thus maintaining the property becomes their responsibility. This involves the repairs of the metal structure and the surroundings to ensure good living conditions at all times.

Is Living in a Barndominium Right For You?

If you are looking for a versatile, durable, and affordable space, for both living and working – then the metal barndominium kits are perfect for you. Consult the experts to ensure the best metal barns with a truly traditional touch and modern design concept.

At Wolf Barns & Supply, we can make your steel structure dream home come to life. Our company has been building high-quality barndo shells using only the highest-grade metal. If you are interested in building your dream barndominium, contact our hotline today to get an estimate per square foot!