What Is Post-Frame Construction

what is Post-Frame Construction

The term “post frame” refers to a style of building in which the frame is made of columns. Instead of using steel, concrete columns, or wood studs, post-frame construction (also known as pole barn construction) uses a huge laminated wooden framing system or multi-story columns as its structural support. With the aid of the plastic […]

Building A Barn? Here’s What To Consider Before You Start

Build a Barn

Building a barn is no easy task and a very intense kind of work. You will need to put in a sufficient amount of time for research and development. Nonetheless, planning a project of this scale should be done carefully and every factor should be well thought of and considered. In this blog, we discuss the basics of building a barn from ground zero, safety measures, and things to consider.

Tips For Any Texas Barn Builder

Tips For Any Texas Barn Builder

Barn builders are building a dream property for various types of people or a specific project in any area in Texas. The builders should know how to design these structures to bear the weather and temperature in their part of the country. Well, most builders have given some tips in designing and creating buildings and a quality barn.

How Oklahoma Pole Barns Have Evolved


The method of using a pole barn started becoming popular during the early 1900s but until now, a lot of people are still fascinated by their convenience and cost-effectiveness in terms of construction.

The Barn Culture in Texas

pole barn builders in houston

Here in Texas, we take our land and family seriously. With that comes our livestock and our possessions. So it’s no surprise that we Texans have always had the need for barns, whether for storage, livestock or even living quarters. The thing is, we use barns for everything, it’s in our nature.