We Are America’s Number One Post Frame Builder!

What size buildings are offered by Wolf Post Frame Buildings?

Our smallest size is 24’x30′. We build up to 60′ free span and any length over 30′. Sidewall heights are available up to 16′. We can build any length.

Should I level the building site before the building is started?

If your site is not level we recommend you complete all site preparation before we arrive to erect your building. We send posts 12″ longer than necessary. That means your ground must be within 12″ of level. We will level the building with the highest elevation. If our builders arrive to begin construction and it is determined that standard length posts cannot be used due to un-level ground, you will be charged for the delivery and added cost of longer posts. We suggest you check your building site with an instrument to determine if excavation is needed. “Eyeballing” is not a reliable method of determining grade.

Do I need a building permit?

Most locations do not require permits. We suggest you check with your local, county or city government. We do not handle any permitting. You will be responsible for all building permits. We will work with you and your local building inspector to insure compliance with building regulations. If changes to building design or building components are necessary to comply with building codes, your building costs may increase.

How much clearance will my sliding door have if my sidewalls are 10'?

The clearance on buildings up to 30′ wide will be about 8’10” before you add your floor. If you add a concrete floor the clearance will be reduced by the thickness of the floor. Buildings wider than 30′ will have less clearance. On load bearing walls, any door openings wider than 12 feet will require a larger than normal header. This header may reduce overhead clearance.

Do you use screws or nails to fasten the metal to the building?

Screws are standard on all our buildings. We use painted screws to match the color of your metal and trim. Not only are screws more attractive than nails, but your building will be much stronger. Screws are applied in the flat part of the metal panels, versus nails, which are fastened into the ribs. Therefore, every sheet of metal acts as a lateral brace because there is no “give” as there is in fasteners attached through the ribs.

Do you offer insulation?

Yes we do, we offer two types of insulation to fit your needs:
SolREclipse (recommended)
10.7 R-factor – retains R-factor
Lifetime warranty delimitation
Keeps building 15-20 degrees cooler in summer
Vapor barrier

VerSola Double Bubble (budget friendly)
4 R-factor
10 year warranty
Vapor barrier only
Economic option

Can I pour a concrete after the building is erected?

Yes. The 2×6 treated bottom girt can be used as a form for your concrete. Your finisher can pour through the doors of your building or simply remove a few wall panels with a cordless screw gun, finish the concrete and then reinstall the panels after the pour. You will end up saving money on your concrete because our posts support the building and there is no need for a footing, plus the building itself serves as the form. We do recommend thickened edges where vehicles or machinery enter and exit the building.

Can you build a custom designed building?

Yes we can. Of course our standard building system will be more affordable. We offer many options on our standard buildings so, most likely, we offer a solution to your special need.

Always discuss any clearance issues with us before construction begins. Do you sell overhead doors?

We do sell overhead doors on buildings erected within 100 miles of Tahlequah, OK. If your location is over 100 miles away, we recommend you use your local professional overhead door company. We can frame and finish your door openings with our attractive overhead door trim. A building with 10′ walls can accommodate an 8′ tall overhead door and a 4″ concrete floor.

What makes Wolf Post Frame Buildings better than the others?

Our warranty on treated wood components is 50 years!
Our painted metal has a 40 year warranty.
We use galvalume metal. Galvalume last up to 6 times longer than galvanized metal.
We use only American made hardware.
Our posts are always set deeper.
No hand dug shallow post holes.
We use extra strong lumber on our top plates.
We use steel bottom rails and steel girts on all our sliding doors.
Our all steel sliding doors will never warp.
Our Trusses are engineered for 90 mph wind load.
WolfGuard & eave trim come standard with most buildings.
We have been in business since 1980 and no one has more experience in post frame construction!