Imagine how cool it would be to live on a few acres of land with a small barn in Oklahoma, some livestock and a pickup truck. Now imagine if that barn was actually your home, your shop, your garage and maybe even attached to some stalls!

Enter the world of barndominiums. Undoubtedly other people have had the same dream, but very few of us realize just how lavish and comfortable you can make a barndominium. They allow you to enjoy the middle ground between the country life and a more conventional apartment or house.

There are many things you have to know before you get started building the best Oklahoma barndominium for you and your family.

Barndominium in Wolfbarns

What is an Oklahoma Barndominium?

An Oklahoma barndominium is a rustic, metal building with a concrete base unlike a pole barn, the open structure was originally started in Texas by horsemen. Barndominiums are now recognized as custom houses with wide, open floor plans that can be decorated in any way to get the desired appearance. The possibilities are practically limitless and they can be built to suit, whether residential or commercial, your future pole barn in Oklahoma can be fully customized.

What Are Some of the Advantages?

One of the most appealing aspects of building a barndominium in Oklahoma and Texas is the chance to personalize and build it based on your imagination. Because “barndos” have larger floor plans, they allow for a variety of unique features and layouts that are difficult to achieve in a typical home.

Building steel pole barns is very affordable and the project can be completed much faster than traditional frame and shingle construction.

The good thing is there are an abundance of barn builders that you can find to help you prepare, like Wolf Barns, a builder in Oklahoma.

Cost of Building a Barndominium

A barndominium is a good option to spend your budget wisely because they’re considerably less expensive than traditional houses. This is due to the fact that the quantity of services and materials required is considerably less, resulting in significant cost savings. A typical home in Oklahoma costs around $120 per square foot for construction. Fitments and other stylistic custom touches and extras are not included in this estimate.

The price of a barndominium is estimated at about $95 and $110 per square foot to build. Most metal buildings fall into this range, but can be cheaper if you keep your barn project basic and your requirements simple.

Building any barndominium starts with a good construction plan, and be handled by professional builders.

Barndominium Shell Structural Options

Before starting the construction of your barndominium, it is important that you should choose the right pole barn company that specializes in this type of barn structure because the durability will depend on the work of the builder, from the roof to the foundation.

Don’t skip the research process, choose a reputable business that can assist you through the process, a real barn builder that can provide good construction services to all customers.


The foundation of an Oklahoma barndominium is similar to that of any other custom home in the Southwest, with footers along all load-bearing walls. A slab, crawl space, or basement foundation can be used for barndominiums.

Roofing Materials

On a Barndominium, any roofing material can be utilized. Architectural shingles, 29 gauge painted metal/steel, slate tiles, clay tiles, and wood shingles are also options for your roof.

Exterior Options

The exterior shell can be employed to produce the desired aesthetic. Painted metal is the main component, and sometimes incorporates stone, brick, Hardie siding, vinyl siding, board, and batten cedar. The final decision is made based on the desired appearance and use of the building.

Insulation Options

While traditional insulation can be applied, spray foam insulation is standard on most barndominiums. Spray foam provides unrivaled energy efficiency and a house that can withstand severe seasonal temperatures while avoiding excessive utility expenses.

Interior walls

The material that is selected to cover the inner walls of a barndominium shell will ultimately determine how the residence feels. Painted drywall is prevalent in most homes and may be used with a variety of textures.

Best Barndominium Builders in Oklahoma: Wolf Barns & Supply

If you are looking for barndominium builders Oklahoma, Wolf Barns And Supply build a wide range of high-quality pole barn construction plans and post home structures to consider. We’ve been building quality residential and commercial pole barns for well over two thousand attractive buildings and projects.  If you decide to build your own barn in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us at Wolf Barns to get started.

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