5 Tips for Pole Barn Maintenance in Missouri

Barn with two horses next to it during winter

If you’re a proud Missourian, you’re no stranger to the charm of a well-maintained pole barn. These versatile post-frame buildings have been a staple in the Show-Me State for generations, serving as everything from farm havens to storage sanctuaries. These structures are inexpensive post-frame buildings for farmers and residents alike. They can be used as farm buildings like a horse barn or crop storage facility.

Pole barns are primarily used for post-frame construction to ensure that they are anchored properly into the ground. This post-frame building often uses metal steel, wood poles, and cross beams to create sturdy structures.

But, maintaining a pole barn requires careful attention to ensure its longevity and functionality. This article will go through these essential tips for effective pole barn building and maintenance.


New Barn Construction


Preparing A Pole Barn

When starting your project, it is important to do a lot of planning to ensure you’ll be successful. The primary step should be to acquire the necessary permits to ensure it will follow the local building standards in Missouri.

When preparing your location, it is important to remove debris, rocks, and plants that might get in the way. For this purpose, it is recommended that you cut away all of the root systems of the trees and plants as much as possible, to smoothen the flooring of your building.

Pole Barn Maintenance Tips

Post-frame buildings require little maintenance compared to other types of structures. Taking care of your structures is more about the materials they were built with. There is now wood that has been made to be resistant to rot, and paint has been engineered to be more protective of any building as well.

After your pole barn has been built, it is important to take proper care of it to keep it in tip-top shape, not only for you but for your animals and for the items and activities you store inside. As the years pass, weathering and age will be the primary challenge when maintaining your building. While these things are inevitable, age and harsh weather can take a heavy toll on any building.

Here are four maintenance tips that you can adopt so that your post-frame building lasts a long time.

1. Roof Check

One area where you want to require less maintenance is your roof since it’s not easy to spot and repair a leak. You can find metal roofing leaks by going inside the building during heavy rain or a storm. A small problem like a small leak in the pole barn’s roof can soon turn out to be a big one.

Leaks are hard to avoid, especially as your barn ages through the years. As wood is exposed to different types of temperatures, it contracts and expands, leaving small dents that grow over time. The main problem with roofing leaks is the production of mold and air quality issues.

2. Quick Action For Mold

Mold spores can grow and weaken the structure’s foundation. You will know you have mold growth when there is a greenish discoloration on parts near your metal roofing. When left untreated, continuous mold exposure can lead to illnesses connected to spores.

3. Routine Inspections

You may wish to do regular pole barn maintenance checks twice a year, including examining the siding. It’s usually recommended to do these check-ups before winter and during the summer. Due to the heavy winters in Missouri, the environment can be unpredictable.

4. Timely Repairs On Doors And Windows

Most pole barns have variations when it comes to exterior doors and windows. These barn doors prevent dirt, drafts and ensure you maintain efficient heating within your structure. Farm buildings have heavy doors and sealed windows constantly subjected to wear and tear. No matter what, you want your doors and windows to be closing snugly all year round.

But, the quality of these parts can decline over time, so you need to contact the manufacturer to prevent void warranties. That said, it’s important to keep your pole barn properly sealed, or heating and energy efficiency might decline. An example of aged doors and windows is rust on the doors’ exterior and draft leaks.


Barn in winter time


Winter In Missouri

Snow and heavy winds can be very harsh on your pole barn. Even if your structure is designed to withstand cold weather, high winds and some winters may bring unexpected snowfall, especially in Missouri. During heavy snow, keeping tabs on your building is important to ensure no extra weight may add too much pressure on your roof.

Snow can also collect on your pole barn gutters. This snow can create ice dams and block drainage when solidified. When the environment heats up and the ice starts to melt, this debris may contribute to significant water damage. The best way to deal with this problem is by manually removing it using a roof rake.

Preserving Your Barn In Missouri

These pole barn maintenance tips should help ensure your structure stands the test of time. Periodic checkups ensure that it is always up to par. At Wolfbarn & Supplies, you will not only be able to deal with Missouri’s weather problems. But also have a pole barn that has been well taken care of and will last for decades.


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