The Barn Culture in Texas

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Here in Texas, we take our land and family seriously. With that comes our livestock and our possessions. So it’s no surprise that we Texans have always had the need for barns, whether for storage, livestock or even living quarters. The thing is, we use barns for everything, it’s in our nature.

History Of Barns In Texas

Some of the older barns in Texas date back to the start of the state, and in fact they were built as a result of early community events. Usually, when settlers moved to an area, the barn was the first to be built before the house. Today, barns evoke a sense of tradition, community spirit, and security attributed to the ranching and farming culture of Texas.

Settlers in the Houston and Lake Jackson area were efficient and resourceful with the materials they had. Sealants, paints, and other modern building materials were not available then, so settlers used rust, lime, and linseed oil. Rust was meant to protect the wood from elements, but with time it actually turned red. The red barn was so common that when paints become readily available, red barns started to fill The Lone Star State landscape.


Wolf Barns is located in Brazoria County and builds barns in Texas
Wolf Barns is located in Brazoria County and builds barns in Texas

In Houston, TX, like other parts of North America, barns were used as a shelter for livestock, such as sheep, horses, and cattle. They were also used for storage of farm products, such as grain, fruits, and hay. Their uses determined the structure’s form. You can also find barns in Houston that were constructed for specific functions like fruit storage or dairying.

Barn Appearance

The attributes of these barns included sanitation, convenience and appearance Convenience involved reducing labor expended in regular farm tasks such as milking, feeding, and cleaning. The barns were very economical and involved provision of functional and cost-effective procedures and spaces for the practice of farming. Fortunately, farmers never forgot about the appearance, and it shows that the old beautiful historic barns showed how farmers were careful and paid attention to all the fine details.

Nowadays, most barns in Texas are used as community centers, retail space, and as wedding venues. Farm weddings with views of stately livestock grazing and manicured pastures have become quite popular. They have opened a new source of revenue for farmers with barns. They also serve as recreational areas where you can drink, eat, and be safe from pesky nightmare insects and rainstorms. A lot of investors are now turning old barns into modern venues for community gatherings and corporate events.

Which brings us lastly to the most modern type of barn that has spawned from so many years of crafting large, heavy structures. The pole barn is taking our state, and the whole country by storm because of its affordability, practicality and versatility. Folks are now living inside the barn very comfortably while using the building for it’s main intention like storage and livestock. We now see barndominiums in Texas gaining popularity, which is basically a barn on the outside, but a fancy house, or traditional condo on the inside.

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