How Oklahoma Pole Barns Have Evolved


The method of using a pole barn started becoming popular during the early 1900s but until now, a lot of people are still fascinated by their convenience and cost-effectiveness in terms of construction. For instance, the state of Oklahoma has diverse industries that all benefit from the versatility of post-frame buildings. Do you want to know how these pole barns have evolved? Read on!



Uses For a Pole Barn in Oklahoma

Earliest Records

Some of the earliest civilizations use an ancestor of the pole barn: tents. By attaching sticks or small logs to form a frame and wrapping them with a piece of cloth, humans thousands of years ago were able to build a make-shift house where they can rest and enjoy the company of each other.

Era of Agriculture

Farming is probably the top-of-the-head image when you think of a pole barn. You can visualize hay storage and horse barns as applications associated with post frame buildings. True enough, there was a period in time when barn builders exclusively make pole barn structures for agricultural use. No wonder most horse barns, hay storage, and other agricultural buildings in Oklahoma utilize post frames.

Modern-Day Applications

Nowadays, a pole barn is not exclusively used by the farming industry anymore. They also serve as garages for cars and even workshop buildings for people who are into wood or steel working.

Benefits of Pole Barns

You might be asking about the edge of a pole barn compared to other types of construction techniques. Well, there is a lot! And if you come to think of it, the benefits of building a pole barn far outweigh the associated costs.


A post-frame building has a design that is convenient to assemble. That is what barn builders are most proud of. Unlike other construction enterprises, a barn company sells almost-ready modules that can be transformed into a high-quality storage room or a garage in a jiffy. Some pole barn buildings even come with a ready-made door and windows!

Lower Expenses

Because of the readiness of a pole barn, you need to spend less on accessories and other materials as compared to building a silo from scratch. Moreover, you will be needing less manpower from the barn builders, which means you have fewer people to pay.

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