5 Types of Horse Barns

5 Types of Horse Barns

Taking care of horses means ensuring their excellent quality of life, including having a comfortable horse shelter for them. Barns provide a space for accommodation and protection of your horses, giving you peace of mind as an owner.

In this guide, we’ll explain more about the different horse barn styles individually to know which suits your specific needs and budget.

Framed Horse Barn

  1. Framed Horse Barn

Framed barns are very functional and flexible in terms of beam construction. They are a larger version of a post and beam barn. This horse barn structure is typically utilized when the building requires an upper story for a house, living quarters, office space, or other use.

Building framed barns are in the same way that houses are, with a double wall. This construction allows for more incredible architectural intricacy and material ingenuity.

  1. Post and Beam

The post and beam barn is one of the most common barn structures. It is also called a pole barn, or prefabricated barn.

It is a famous barn structure in the East Cost due to its affordability. Before building these prefab structures, you begin with a level site.

Post and beam construction use massive timbers rather than typical dimensional lumber. This style of customized barn construction uses fewer, larger all-wood posts and beams than standard stick-built construction. The structure’s frame is held together by timber joinery and steel gusset plates. By using larger timbers, we may utilize fewer of them to create dramatic open areas.

The pole barn offers the best bang for your buck, and is our specialty here at Wolf Barns. The Texas and Oklahoma areas are famous for post frame horse barns, and for good reason. We highly recommend this flexible structure when considering barn styles.

  1. Block Barn

Cinder blocks are also called CMU barns. This is very popular in most places with warmer climates and harsh weather. For example, block barns are highly popular in Florida because of their resistance against hurricanes and tropical storms. CMU barns provide a durable structure that can withstand the environment, including weather and horse wear and tear. In the stalls, cinder block walls can be coated with padded rubber. Block edges and corners must also be ground down or covered with a steel angle iron.

  1. Monitor Style Barn

Monitor-style barns are best for you if you need more storage space for valuable equipment and hay, desire a dedicated tack room, and have a lot of horses. This barn type is also called raised center aisle (RCA) barn. Horse owners love this type since it allows more natural light and fresh air. Proper ventilation is facilitated to enter through its higher roof line.

The center aisle horse barn has horse stalls on the left and right sides. You can customize the stall barns depending on how many horses you own.

Monitor Style Barn

  1. Shed Row

A shed row is a single row of side-by-side stalls exposed to the elements, usually shielded by a lean-to barn for snow and rain. Shed row-style barns are best for you if you only own 1 to 3 horses. It is a low-cost project that allows you to have easy access to your animals.

It’s smaller than a center aisle and has a more open layout. The most common properties of a shed row are windows in each stall, kickboards, tack rooms, run-in sheds, and a protective or covered overhang. It also comes standard with a Dutch door, so more light can enter your stalls.

Things to Consider to Install for your Horse Stalls

There is no one-size-fits-all in building your horse barn and stables. Regardless of which type of the mentioned buildings you choose, you need to consider the following additional customizations for a more functional structure:

  • Automatic Watering System for Horse Drinks
  • Wash Stall
  • Concrete floor and Drain
  • Exterior Doors, Paired Doors, or Dutch Doors
  • Granular Base material and Rubber Mats for an Easy-to-clean and Non-Slip Work Surface
  • Added Stalls for More Horses
  • Grilles on the Bottom Half for Ventilation
  • Run in sheds for pasture horses

The number of horses you have does not matter. We can build different types of custom barns for you. So, do not hesitate to get a quote from now!


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